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Mar 7th, 2010

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  1. Teresa Holtzman said,

    Good to find your website. My husband and I have a 7-yr-old neutered male papillon, Buddy. We are interested in getting a 2nd companion dog (male or female). We are living overseas. I am originally from Columbus. Our permanent home is now in Round Hill, Virginia. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Nicole Eng said,

    Hi there! Just came across your site and was curious about Nelson…there is some common blood with in his pedigree and would like to discuss it even further. Looking forward to talking with you.
    Kindest regards, Nicole Eng Castel Papillons

  3. Blairwynn said,

    Hi Nicole! I am crazy about Nelson but I know I’m biased! He is so beautiful and yet SO goofy at the same time. Where are you located in Canada? I visit Ontario at least once a year for shows…… 🙂
    Carrie Blair, Blairwynn Papillons, Oregon, OH USA

  4. Colette Dennis said,

    My husband and I spoke to you at a show in Columbus after meeting your “Elmo”. We were amazed at how much he reminded us of our Andy who we call the “Prince” as you were calling him the King. As we talked we found how small the world is and that our Andy and Elmo were indeed very likely related in some way. Anyways, we are looking at finding a small sable/white female companion for Andy. I’d like to try my hand at agility with her too. Can you please contact me and we can discuss further? I am not set on a puppy but that is not out of the question either.

  5. Alveda Bates said,

    My dog died May 30, a beautiful black and white boy. I want another companion. I would take an older dog if housebroken, but am considering a puppy. gender not specific. I live in Gahanna, Ohio. What dogs might be available? Alveda

  6. Jody Riddle said,

    i saw your site,am interested in a female puppy as a companion. i had a beautiful little papillon, Paris. she was a lover and so so sweet. she passed away last month of heart troubles. she was 10.
    can yu help me out.
    i live in Newburgh, IN. my number is 812-573-1042.

  7. Stephanie M. Bordner said,

    Papillons were recommended to me from My Mother. She showed toy poodles for over 17 years and was a groomer. I can’t imagine not be part of a papillon’s life. Unfortunately, I lost my boy, Peanut, August 2014. He helped me through my personal trials. MY boy was my everything. He had a carrier and went everywhere with me. He loved being outside too watching me do yard work. I am beginning my search for another companion. I am looking for an 4 to 6 pound dog. So, it can travel everywhere with me. Do you have any recommendations to focus my search? I am reaching out to you based on the background and setup of your website. In advance, thank you for your time and attention. Stephanie

  8. Gloria Borgstahl said,

    Our two little Paps (14 yrs.) just went to doggie heaven and we miss them greatly. Looking for two females – young adults would be perfect. Are the pictured Paps for sale? Gloria

  9. Carla Morris said,

    Hi, I’m a first grade teacher in California. I have no other pets. My 17 year old daughter graduates high school in 2016. I’m interested in a loving papillon companion to travel everywhere with me.

  10. Tari said,

    Hi Diane. I have had the privilege of sharing my life with Papillon Dogs for almost 20 years now. I have had a total of three beautiful loving Pappy boys. I can not amagine my life without having one of these very Loving and Loyal friends by my side. I am presently looking for puppy. Do you have any puppies available?

  11. Tari Bruner said,

    Hi. I am have a sweet 10 year old Papillon who is a Theraphy Dog. His name is Isaac.I am looking for a Tri-color Papillon puppy to our family.

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