Blairwynn’s American Beauty

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Rosie now lives with Barbara Bowling of Barka Papillons and has a wonderful home!! Perhaps she will give Barbara some great puppies!

Pedigree of Blairwynn’s American Beauty “Rosie”

Date of Birth: AKC No.:  Sex:  Owner: Carrie & Gary Blair Breeder:  Carrie & Gary Blair

AM/CAN CH Blairwynn’s Lord Nelson

  AM/CAN CH Blairwynn’s Frankly My Dear  CH Deusjuvat Chief at Pixiedust, SOM FIN CH Connection Academy Award AM/CAN/EST/FIN/INT/IT/SU/NORD CH Joco’s Tuinluv Connection
FIN CH Connection Sweet So Sassy
Mikey’s Pogo BW’s Tommy Two-Tone
BW’s Glory Hallelujah
AM/CAN CH Cornsilks Allianc of Blairwynn, DOM AM/CAN CH La Rocca’s Prins Philip of Sweden SU CH La Rocca’s Unison
SU CH La Rocca’s Electra
AM/CAN CH Kvar Close Encounter, CD AM/CAN CH Kvar Touch of Josandre, CD
Kvar Michelle of Josandre
  AM/CAN/SU CH Candygold’s Mette-Marit  DK/FIN/INT/SU/NU/NORD CH Denemore Noble Perfection ENG/Ireland CH Ringland’s Treasure Island AM/ENG BISS CH Ringlands Copyright
ENG CH Ringland’s Stella Star
ENG CH Serenglade Sophistication Cleo’s Lucky Charmer at Serenglade
Serenglade Serimandy
Menine’s Blue Revolution SU CH Silenio’s John Silver SU/NU CH Silenzio’s Asa-Nissa
SU CH Silenzio’s Ruffi
Haremet’s Nathala SU CH Caspian’s Fridolf
SU CH Haremet’s Dolly Parton

AM/CAN Champion Zkarabi’s Sillhuette

    Zkarabi’s Las Vegas SU CH Vittoria’s Matisse AM/SU/INT/NU/JAP BIS CH Smaragdens Poker Face, SOM NU/NORD CH Pepejas Play-Boy
Smaragden’s Keeping My Red Dream
SU/INT/NU CH Cillahof’s A La Carte NORD/DU/INT CH Silenzio’s Colorado-Kid
SU CH Lullans Honolulu
Zkarabi’s Abigail SU CH Caspian’s Mad Max INT/NU/SU CH Silenzio’s Toddy
SU CH Caspian’s Happy Hour
Zkarabi’s Zarabi Cillahof’s Secret-Service
Caspian’s Elaiza
    Zkarabi’s Hattrick SU/NU CH Silenzio’s Asa-Nisse Cillahof’s Secret-Service SU CH Pocitos Ivanhoe
Cillahof’s Gloria Gaynor
SU/NU/INT/JAP CH Silenzio’s Lady Luck AM/SU/INT/NU/JAP BIS CH Smaragdens Poker Face, SOM
SU CH Silenzio’s Diana Ross
 Zkarabi’s Organza SU CH Caspian’s Boddyguard SU CH Tusa-Lusas Kerberos
Royal Lion’s Dolores
SU CH Caspian’s Happy-Hour INT/NU/NORD/SU CH Silenzio’s Danny Key
SU CH Caspian’s Chiquita

            I certify this Pedigree to be correct to the best of my knowledge     Signed  Carrie L. Blair                           Date:    March 16, 2010

Mar 8th, 2010