Blairwynn’s Norman Conquest “Norman”

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Norman is now neutered and lives with Ken Warner!! He has turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL Phalene and is having an incredible time with Ken!!

Date of Birth: AKC No.:  Sex:  Owner: Carrie & Gary Blair Breeder:  Carrie & Gary Blair


White Fairie’s The Elmo Jr.

 AM/CAN CH Springhill The Muppet Caper  SOD  CH Diandee Sunshine G I Joe CH Sunshine All That Jazz  CH Diandee Alexander SOD 
CH Diandee Ritz Bitz
CH Sunshine Majorette  CH Diandee Take My Breath Away
CH Diandee Radiant Sunshine
 CH Diandee Social Butterfly CH Diandee Alexander, SOD  Am/Can CH Melchester Jeremy Figgins 
CH Diandee Silk Stockings
Diandee Fleur De Trefle  CH Diandee French Connection 
C and D Madame Geraldine
 AM/CAN CH Silenzio’s Xtra  Silenzio’s Cliff Rickard  Toymaker’s French Connection DK INT NU SU BIS Toymaker’s Better Be Good
Flying Silk Sweet Sonja
SU CH Silenzio’s Wash In Go SU CH Lamonia’s Nicklas
SU CH Silenzio’s Ruffi
 SU CH Silenzio’s Santa Cruze  INT NU SU CH Silenzio’s Dancing Master INT NU SU CH Silenzio’s Toddy 
Silenzio’s Asa
NU SU CH Silenzio’s Silky-Rubin  SU CH Silenzio’s Tuffa Viktor 
INT JAP NU SU BIS CH Silenzio’s Lady Luck


AM/CAN UKC CH Blairwynn’s Francesca Romana

 AM/CAN CH Blairwynn Tuinluv Sky’s The Limit   BISS CH Tuinluv’s Peak Push Em Aside CH Tuinluv-N-Marquis Burn Em Up  BISS CH Tatoha Classic Illusion 
BIS CH Tuinluv’s Sparks Fly
MGL Soaring Softly Of Jherico  CH Tonnerre’s Royal Crest 
CH MGL Dance Smartly Of Jherico DOD
 AM/CAN CH Blairwynn’s Queen Of Mean Am/Can CH Springhill The Muppet Caper, SOD CH Diandee Sunshine G I Joe   
CH Diandee Social Butterfly   
Am/Can CH Josandre’ Colors Of The Wind  Luxxor Rockabye Robbie
CH Kvar Close Encounter, CD 
 CH Blairwynn’s Megasaurus  CH Deusjuvat Chief at Pixiedust   FIN CH Connection Academy Award AM CAN FIN SU Italian Ch Joco’s Tuinluv Connection
FIN CH MVA Connection Sweet So Sassy 
Mikey’s Pogo BW’s Tommy Two Tone
BW’s Glory Hallalujah
 AM/CAN CH Cornsilks Allianc Of Blairwynn  AM/CAN CH La Rocca’s Prins Philip of Sweden SU CH La Rocca’s Unison 
SU CH La Rocca’s Electra
CH Kvar Close Encounter, CD  BIS AM/CAN CH Kvar Touch of Josandre, CD 
Kvar Michelle of Josandre

            I certify this Pedigree to be correct to the best of my knowledge     Signed  Carrie L. Blair                           Date  February 27, 2009

Mar 8th, 2010