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Thank you for visiting my site!

My name is Carrie Blair. I have been fortunate enough to find the wonderful breed of Papillon and have some beautiful papillons as well as make some special friendships. All of the Papillons that live with us are part of our family first. When we are playing in the yard together or swimming in the pond (yes, papillons do swim like little fish) they get lots of attention from our neighbors. They come to the fence and watch from windows because they say they enjoy the papillons so much. Neighbor kids come over and play with the papillon puppies & adults and throw balls and run around the pond. This has been great for everyone!

I hope you enjoy my site. Feel free to contact me at: elmochamp@bex.net

How I got Started

My introduction to Papillons was a surprising one. After many years of owning Golden Retrievers and thinking they were the only breed for me, I got my first Papillon. She was Springhill The Katz Meow (‘Miss Kitty’) and she changed me forever. I decided I must have another and told her breeder I would be interested in a show girl from two particular champion papillons she had.

Well, although she had planned to breed this girl to another sire, my chosen boy got to her first. I was excited!! I was the only one on her list!! I was getting my show quality girl!! Yippee!! When the litter was born (one boy and one girl), the breeder decided she didn’t want any more boys so was going to keep the girl after all. I was disappointed, to say the least, but went out to look at them when they were four weeks old. I said, (much to the breeder’s surprise, as well as my husband’s) “I’ll take him!!” It was the best start I could have possibly had! He became Am/Can Champion Springhill The Muppet Caper, SOD (‘Elmo’) and the sire of most of my beautiful papillons. See his tribute page here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNOj7XVafmI

Still needing that show quality girl, I inquired with other breeders in the area. Those of you who have been through this know how difficult it is to get a very nice girl.  I leased a Canadian Champion (from the lines I had been pursuing in the states, no less) and bought a beautiful little girl from them. These two girls were amazing and, bred to Elmo, produced Victoria, Howie, Molly, Sara and Bobaloo…….All Am/Can Champion Papillons!

Mar 23rd, 2009

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  1. Tim Foley said,

    Congrats on your win Sunday in Nashville. I looked for you both but must have missed you. Hope your trip home was uneventful. Left a message on your phone if interested, let me know.

  2. Lots of love from Germany and a nice Easter party
    wish You Karl and Frank, as well as the Papis of the soft ranch.
    A nice HP them you have there and of course
    sweet Papis.
    Further there a lot of success and Wuff, Wuff

  3. Leslie said,

    Carrie, your dogs are just wonderful, both in mind and in structure. I wish you continued success.

  4. Mary Hakel said,

    I purchased “Blairwynn’s Hart of the Storm” which was sired by “The Muppet Caper”. She was welped in 2004. I just love this female, Storm is a delight to have and I’m looking forward many years with her. I have several papillons, but she just caught my eye on the internet. I know this isn’t the best way to find the dog you want, but I feel very fortunanate to have found her. She is a beautiful mover and has the desire to please. She had a 4 point major when I got her and I have added 1 single. Storm is larger than my other bitches so I decided to breed her at this time. She should be whelping around July 25th. If the puppies have her movement and desire and everything that the sire has to offer, I’ll have a winning combination.

    Thank you for breeding such a nice dog.

    Mary Hakel
    Quillo Papillons

  5. Laurel Richardson said,

    Hi–I am interested in visiting your kennel–I am interested in adopting a Papillon–either a puppy, a youngster, or an adult. We have two cats and are both retired Professors from OSU.

  6. I’ the blonde, with the pony tail, that asked about phalene, Saturday at the dog show. I have a Facebook page, in my name, plus the website above. Thanks for your card.

  7. Tommy & Christi Golden said,

    Hello, this is the Golden’s! We got a puppy from you in 2005. Which is Nelson’s sister, Nestle’! We treat her like a little princess. We would love to send you a picture of her! Her and Nelson look exactly the same, just like their mommy, Mette.
    The Golden’s

  8. Blairwynn said,

    It’s SO good to hear from you!! I’ve wondered how you’ve been often and have asked Bobby a few times about you. Please do send pictures because I’d love to keep in touch! Nelson is a big, beautiful goof (only beautiful for about an hour after a bath, though!!). I’m so happy Nestle’ is being treated like a princess! Please tell me stories about her when you get a chance and I’m sorry I didn’t see this posting until now! Carrie

  9. Don and Kathy Gilmore said,


    My wife Kathy and I are interested in a Papillon dog or puppy. We would prefer a older dog but would consider a puppy. We live on a small horse farm near Athens, Ohio for many years and raised and showed Labs. We just recently lost our last Lab. Any information or leads you you can suggest will be appreciated. We will be out of the country most of March so won’t be ready for a dog until April.

    Thanks and have a great day.

    Don and Kathy Gilmore

    Don Gilmore
    740-707-7557 Cell

  10. Alveda Bates said,

    I recently lost my love, Jack. He was an adorable black and white. I got him thru a rescue and he had ongoing health problems. I am hoping to find a new companion that is healthy.
    614-471-1065 Gahanna, Ohio

  11. Jim Jordan said,

    Hi remember me? Before you delete, Lana and I got divorced in 2007. You think she did you wrong, I got worse, I live alone with Austin Powers and 400 clocks. Sorry she did you wrong and we can only hope she gets run over by a bus walking to the mailbox. Best regards Jim

  12. Blairwynn said,

    Hi Jim! Yes, I remember you! I don’t get on my site very often since I lost my beloved Elmo (obviously due to this late response!!) and just saw your note. Good to hear from you! I still have Gypsy (from our mutual litter) and she is now a Dam of Merit because all 6 of her puppies I have became champions.
    I can only imagine how poorly Svetlana treated you because she thought she was better/smarter than everyone else (she was incredibly wrong). I hope you are doing well and happy! Are you still in Indiana? Love the ‘bus’ comment! We can only hope!!

  13. Nicole morrison said,

    Hi.. My family has a yr old papillon, and we are having a hard time with him. I know a lot of the reason is that we are not home much. I have 4 children all in travel sports and we go like crazy all week and and are usually not home on the weekends. We are coming to the realization that having a dog is not fair to the dog. I don’t want to just advertise to get rid of him. I want him in a good home, with a loving family. We love this dog very much, but do not have the time he deserves. I was hoping that since you deal with this breed you may be able to assist us in finding him a home. He has all his papers, has been neutered and is current on all shots. We got him from a breader in Minnesota, this was before we were told about you, unfortunately. If you have any advice for us or can help. We would appreciate it. Thanks!!

  14. Vickie said,

    Hi – I don’t know if Nicole has placed her papillon but I would be interested if he still needs a home. Thank you

  15. Cathy Ford said,

    Hi, my husband and I are looking for a female papillon puppy. We have always loved papillons and want to bring one home.
    Thank you!

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